“Being with her, I never laughed so hard or had so much fun as when we are together… I knew by our second date I wanted to share the rest of my life with her.” ~Jeff

When I met Shae and Jeff a few months ago, I could instantly feel the love that they had for each other spread through the room and make any other couple sitting by envious. I throughly enjoyed getting to know the both of them and hearing their stories. Such a sweet and fun couple, they had me laughing all night.  Together they have such a fun and charismatic lifestyle that truly embraces each other and their families.

We planned their engagement shoot for the beach between Seabrook, NH and Salisbury, MA. Just a normal day at the beach doing their favorite things; walking, talking, playing scrabble and the day would not have been complete without their just as enthusiastic labrador Jackson joining us!


I do believe Jackson is stealing the show in the images below…











After playing on the beach we walked over to a sandy area and threw out a blanket. Shae popped out their favorite game, and they just sat and played for awhile.
To watch these two interact is pure joy.










 The two of you are so fun and refreshing to be around! I can not wait for your wedding next November!


  • WOW!! LOVE your photos! Awesome work FotiQue! Living vicariously through your romance!!! Can’t wait to see the wedding photos!!! Huge Congrats to you both! xoxoxo

  • Cathy Florence

    Love all the pictures-including those of Jackson-I too can’t wait for the wedding!

  • Pamela Elrod

    Jeff and Shae,
    Enjoy being young and in love. It is a magical time. Your pictures are beautiful..Thanks for sharing.
    Pam Elrod

  • Leslie Cartier

    Jeff just shared these photos with me today. They are spectacular. The use of lighting, postureing, textural context and background take my breath away. Wow, you two have chosen a talented photographer. Bravo!!

  • Momma (Denise B)

    Wait! you have a DOG????

  • Aunty Kipper

    AMAZING pictures! To heck with the wedding, let’s go to the beach!! Can’t imagine what the wedding pics will look like if this is any indication! Love that dog, too…

  • […] are a fantastically fun couple! You may have seem them awhile back on the Fotique Blog with their Salisbury Beach Engagement! Surrounded by the warmest group of family and friends, Shae and Jeff were married at the Parrish […]