Last year on Christmas Eve I was so happy to release a very special Christmas post dedicated to SSG Richard Nolan!
It was so wonderful to have photographs that I did of Peggy and her family be the gift for her husband overseas. Especially knowing how important these photographs were, as she would not get to be with the love of her life until the following August. I was so touched by her idea as well as inspired by her work as a writer, author, teacher, and now very good friend of mine. When the post went live last Christmas – I made sure to get the dates and schedule a couples session just for the two of them
when Rick came home from Iraq this fall.

To see the two of them together is a complete joy.
I would try to write something clever and unique about the two of them, but I don’t believe I could put it into words and truly do them justice.
(After all Peggy is an amazing writer…  You can see her blog Serendipity Smiles and the work she does for The Stepmom’s Toolbox.) So better to just show you my favorite moments from spending the afternoon on a walk with them!

The two of you are so perfect together! I’m so happy to now know you both and your family!

  • Maureen Marcotte

    Jaime, Just beautiful pictures of Peggy and Rick!!! Jaime, your work is outstanding and you have two great subjects to work with. Peggy is radiant, and looking so happy to have her hubby home!!! Thank you, Rick, for the work you do for our country to help keep us safe!!!