There are some couples that fit so harmoniously together making up perfect pieces in each others world.
You can see the life and happiness they breathe into each other and nothing else seems to matter.  I have known Dave for over 10 years and until I met Beth a few weeks back, I can’t seem to ever recall him with such a smile wrapped from ear to ear as much as he does when he is in her presence.
It couldn’t have been more than 30 degrees outside in the pouring rain the day we shot,  but the both of them didn’t seem to mind.
They were perfectly content to be just in each other’s arms…




I love the boots and the hats. These two are so much fun!


After getting soaked walking through the woods we headed off to the location of their first date.  Mint Bistro in Manchester, NH.
Yet they just kept playing into each others arms…



How fitting they would choose this place as it a fusion of culinary sophistication, modern charm, and tempting cocktails. So of course, we had to try them!






After we left the Bistro we took a walk a little further down Elm St. To hit up their favorite Irish Pub, The Shaskeen.
Who are we kidding here, it’s my favorite Irish Pub in Manchester to!

Yes, it most certainly is getting hot in here.


 I love watching these two together. They are everything from fun, fresh, and playful to passionate.



Beth and Dave the two of you are fantastic! It was a pleasure to spend the afternoon and evening with the both of you and I can not wait for your wedding this spring!
Congratulations to the both of you!!!