Born to strict parents, who secretly hoped for a little boy that they could mold into a successful scientist/engineer, my tagline should read, “Expect the unexpected.”

My father had a hard time accepting the surprise of a baby girl, especially one that would be shaking things up for years to come. Clinging to his desire for the son he never had, he worked hard to improvise – trying to teach me woodworking, how to change tires and oil. On the other hand, my mother was thrilled at the thought of another little lady, and strived to balance our activities with refinement of manners, etiquette, and raising a proper young lady. (She’s a bit old fashioned.) 

My penchant for breaking the rules led me to nearly fail my kindergarten interview for a prestigious preparatory school. Being a rambunctious 4 year old, of course I excused myself for adventure on the playground. You can imagine my mother’s expression when I returned with mud all over my dress and patent leather Mary Janes. 

I quickly proved as fearless and unpredictable as my namesake, The Bionic Woman.
My teachers learned early on that I may not follow the “right” path, but I always reach a successful conclusion in my own way.  So, thank you dad, for your borderline unhealthy obsession with the TV series! 13 years, many plaid kilts and sets of navy knee socks later, I graduated.  And now, just a few (wink, wink) years later, I still rock a funky frock and fabulous shoes, but that never stops me from getting a little dirty to get things done.

 I adore cheese, dark chocolate and a velvety cabernet. I suppose it’s also a good thing I enjoy outdoor activities and running to balance my vices. I love the humming electricity of the nightlife scene, but I also appreciate the sublime quite that comes with a warm campfire and good story. When I’m not behind the camera or in the office, you can find me battling with light sabers with my curious son I affectionately call my spawn or exploring other adventures with my modern family that includes my fantastic and patient boyfriend, our 3 energetic children, and 3 crazy cats!

While I excel in many forms of creative arts, I have some serious faults! I can’t sing and my dancing skills could use some work, but like everything else, I’ll never stop trying.  I love learning, laughing, and loving everything life has to offer.  Eventually, I’ll be rocking out on the dance floor having just developed my own signature style.