A few months ago I was on the phone with one of my oldest friends, chatting about ordinary things when he casually made mention of his upcoming wedding!!
THIS FALL!! I was shocked!!

Milton, a friend of over 15 years, was engaged! AND I had yet to meet his bride-to-be!
So he filled me in on all the details. I called in the old crew and, a few weeks later,
Milton and Erin flew in from Philly! We met over drinks and, within an hour, it felt like I had known Erin for years.
What a cool chic!
Sweet! Smart! Sassy! Beautiful!

These two seemed predestined to be together! Don’t you agree?!?!

Serious. Sweet. Sultry. Steamy!!! I love it!

It was such an honor to have had the chance to capture a glimpse of the emotion you two lovebirds exude. I can not wait for the wedding! I’m even more excited that I will get the opportunity to be a guest! That’s right! I get to sit back, raise a glass and toast to you both, while my awesome photographer friend, Paul Streeter of  Dan Doke’s Park Street Studio, rocks out some stunning images of your day!

Milton, you are a blessed and lucky man! And, Erin, welcome to the crew!  Congratulations!  xoxox