Erin and Michael are one of those laid-back couples that have an uncanny way of complementing each other.
I was struck by the magnetic chemistry they share the first time we met!

Michael is like one of those men straight out of a romance novel! I’m not talking about the long-haired, cheesy, Fabio-esque type of man!
I’m talking about the rugged, tough skinned type of guy that shows his sweet side in the presence of the woman he loves.
Erin is the perfect heroine with her bright smile and sparkling blue eyes.
Her sweet disposition and warm-hearted demeanor are a perfect complement to Michael’s tough exterior.

It’s clearly apparent that these two bring out the absolute best in eachother, having a fantastic time in the process!

Check back soon for the images from Erin & Michael’s upcoming nuptials!

Congratulations to both of You! I can’t wait to capture your special day!