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I am SO excited to show you some images from all the most recent Fotique shoots! Everyday feels busier and better than the last! I can’t seem to slow down! Maybe it’s because I thrive with a jam packed schedule? Who am I kidding?!? It’s because I have the coolest clients! EVER! You have the best stories and the most fearless personalities! You give me the greatest honor imaginable by letting me capture you being yourself! I love how you keep me on my toes, constantly challenging me to be more creative than the last time!! This blog is a tribute to all of You!
Thank you for being the most outrageous and inspiring people I have met!

So, the plan is to post on a weekly basis. Each week I’ll upload a quick look at my most recent professional work… as well as some personal stuff too! Take your time… enjoy the posts and come back often! If you like something, don’t hesitate to let me know!! I LOVE hearing from you!!

Now off to show of some love… a new post coming in a few!

  • some great stuff on your blog! found you via the boston wedding photog. forum… look forward to more updates!


  • Hi Jamie !

    It’s Matt…met you at the wedding this past weekend.
    How are you ? It was a pleasure meeting you… Wish the weather could have been better, but life goes on.

    My e-mail address is listed if you wish to get back to me.

    Have a great day !