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When wedding season winds down, I get to spend some extra time focusing on photographing families. Sadly, I have noticed many families don’t bring out all their family members so last year I began adding Unleashed Portrait sessions.
That’s right, a studio and lifestyle session for your beloved pets. Today’s session includes Lady and her beautiful family!
I have so much love for little Lady. It has been awhile since I got to work with a boxer and I absolutely adored my session with her.
Still just a young pup, I was expecting her to be wily and mischievous and she was anything but that. With grace an manners only a good mom and dad could teach, Lady was fantastic. Such a sweet and gentle little girl with her big eyes and excitement to play and explore.
We began her unleashed session in the studio for her close up portraits, then we hit up the dog parks for some family time with her mom and dad. What a fantastic afternoon!

Introducing Lady!


 This one has to be an all time favorite! This nose is begging for smooches (well, treats but I would give her smooches).




So elegant. Mommy’s little Lady!

I can’t get over her colors. I’ve never met a boxer with brindled colors of copper, honey and black. Such a beauty!


With the studio session over we needed some fresh air and a walk. Mom and dad came along for some family time and some gorgeous portraits before the sun went down.


I love these. <3 <3 <3



Lady, thank you so much for being such a good girl for your session!