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The first time I met Apollo I was so awestruck I could not find words to speak. His massive size and attentive grin while at first intimidating, faded quickly away as he could sense my excitement to meet him, all slobbers and smiles he rushed over to sniff and and lick my face. It was very quickly I learned that he was a lap dog.
Apollo is a massive Cane Corso with the most beautiful and rare reverse brindle pattern, mostly black with speckles of copper and a white chest. I have never photographed a dog that was larger than me and I could barely believe that he is still a puppy with more growing to do! It’s hard to believe he’s so big being a finicky eater with an affinity for strawberries. He devoured a ball in record time. Every pup who has an unleashed session always gets a special treat, and Apollo has taught me to upgrade the ball selection. Within 30 seconds it was in pieces. He has size and strength and is such a beautiful animal, it’s hard to believe this tough guy is also a mamma’s boy. He carries around a very small stuffed animal its his baby, he’s afraid of snow men, and when he frequents the park, he herds the children and won’t allow them to stray. Don’t let that smiling grin fool you, he loves his family and will always be their protector!












 Thank you Apollo for spending the morning with me! I can not wait to photograph you again with you family!