Just last spring I was wrapping up photographing a wedding in Derry, NH. I packed my gear hopped in the car, did a quick check of social media and was frantically ecstatic! I couldn’t believe it. All of my old friends, former team mates, and everyone was posting so quickly my phone crashed.
My friend Todd proposed to the love of his life at the black belt extravaganza surrounded by all their friends and family.
I was so happy for him and couldn’t wait to meet Chris! We met for dinner and to discuss their wedding details and I could see it clearly. Chris is beautiful, caring, smart and sweet and completely smitten with my friend. You could feel the overwhelming love they have for each other filling the room, like a giant hug and it was incredible. I was so excited for their fall engagement session!




Chris is not just the most talented Veterinarian at the Animal Hospital but she also owns and runs it. It was no surprise to meet so many loved and cherished animals when we meet up for her shoot. Luca and Rambler had no intentions for posing but with the bribe of a few snacks they joined us to celebrate Cider’s memory in this sweet family photograph. 

I could roll around in the yard all day with these two. 

Well they weren’t finished getting treats and snuggles, so who could say no.








Nothing is more fun than a campfire in the woods, but it’s best with someone you love. 



After a brief campfire, we set out for a walk at Bensons Family Park for some more fall foliage and some sunset images. 



Just seeing how happy the two of you are together warms my heart. 



I’m so happy the two of you met, and fell in love with each other. Your love is type of love that inspires us all.
Congratulations to the both of you! I can’t wait for the wedding!