What is more exciting than a spontaneous couple that will go to the ends of the earth to get great images that are all about them!
When I met Kate & Jon, I didn’t let first appearances fool me. Kate appeared as a sweet sophisticated woman with a glowing personality, but I could see fire in her eyes. How ironic that her soulmate Jon happens to be an EMT and Firefighter! I knew they were going to be so much fun, that we chatted hours about their outdoor adventures from their first date rollerblading downhill with eyes closed in rollerblades that were four sizes to big, to their love for Hockey – really this couple has goals- to see every hockey rink in the US & Canada with their favorite teams! It came as no surprise for me when Kate mentioned she wanted her engagement shoot to begin in Purgatory! Rock on.

So here we are in Purgatory!!!
(According to the most recent research, the Chasm was created when glacial meltwater from a burst ice dam ripped out blocks of bedrock at the end of the last Ice Age (14,000 years ago). How cool is that!

We got to crawl through the rocks and scale sides of the chasm while the two held hands and climbed away. We stopped a few times as we had a special companion in attendance. Rocky aka. Sir Rocks-a-lot! Rocky has to be the coolest cocker spaniel I have ever met.
He had no problem hiking through the boulder caves with us and even joined us for a few portraits.

After a little while of climbing and scaling and watching Kate and Jon exude happy energy, I couldn’t help but notice the sunlight catch her beautiful Auburn hair as it framed her flawless face. We were losing light in the park and that means one thing to me…time to find a gorgeous sunset!

We found a walking trail down by the river in hopes at the end to get a glimpse of the sun setting among the trees along the riverbed.

Rocky was definitely a fan of this!

And there I watched it unfold right before my eyes…
Now we have to remember a few weeks back we had so much rain when the sun finally peeked out we had updates on our facebook and twitter feeds with shouts of joy and relief for gorgeous sunshine. This shoot was the 1st day after the rains so I knew we were going to get the dramatic skies as a photographer I long for.
So here we are  with the gorgeous sunset and Kate and Jon glowing even brighter!

Wow. Those images almost took my breath away, I was giddy with excitement as we were only halfway through our shoot!

Jon being a the biggest fan of the Washington Capitols and Kate, a big fan of the Calgary Flames, we had to get some Jersey shots!

I just can’t tell what I love more, The red and white jerseys among the starry sky, or Rocky jumping up into Jon’s arms to make the portrait complete!

But wait!!!

It’s not over yet! I promised you heat!!!!

We went back to the Millbury Firehouse where Jon works as a Firefighter and we just had to get a few images with the truck!
Here I would just like to give a shout out and  say a big Thank You to Jon and his fellow firefighters. You guys rock!


Once Jon brought out the firetruck, I knew it wouldn’t take much to get him to show us his fire suit. Really, what woman doesn’t love a strapping handsome man in uniform, right?

As we can see Kate most definitely agrees!

The Axe was all Jon’s idea. I think these shots outside with the firetruck have to be some of my most favorite! Hot stuff guys!
Thank you for brining the heat!  I had a blast shooting these images with you and I can not wait for the surprises coming up this October at your wedding!
Also a big thank you to Rocky – for being such an awesome pup!

  • OMG! I love your photography and your blog and I just had to comment when I saw this! This excited me so much because I grew up in Sutton and it is sooo cool to see Purgatory photographed by you and your talent!
    That couple is adorable and those photos are breathtaking! I love the fire station ones! I wish them all the happiness in the world 🙂

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