A wedding was on the horizon.  The Bride & Groom had decided, after many failed attempts, that the only way to introduce their friends would be to bring them together as part of their bridal party.  And so Angela, a bridesmaid, was paired with Robbie, a groomsman.  Thus begins their story…

It was at a pre-wedding party where Angela & Robbie first met.  Robbie made a tray of Homemade Pumpkin Whoopee Pies (um, yum!) to bring to the festivities.  Angela saw this the perfect opportunity to make her interest known.  Like any Whoopee Pie loving person (and who isn’t!), she took one for the team and consumed not one, or two, but THREE pies!  Thankfully, Robbie got the hint and quickly became her friend.

A few weeks later, Robbie asked Angela to join him for dinner at an Italian restaurant in Boston.  Their connection was instantaneous.  Time flew as they chatted the night away.  Before either was aware, they had closed down the restaurant!  Soon after they had their second date, followed by their first kiss.  The rest?  Well, the rest has all led up to this moment where Angela & Robbie now stand, ready to walk down the aisle, just as their friends were when they first met.

Robbie proposed to Angela last winter so it was only fitting that it the Boston area would get hit with a snowstorm the day of their engagement shoot!
This first image is one of my absolute favorites!  So beautiful!  So perfectly Romantic!







The only thing predictable about early Spring in New England is how UNPREDICTABLE the weather can be!  In the case of Angela & Robbie’s engagement shoot, Mother Nature did not disappoint!

On the day of their originally scheduled shoot, She (Mother Nature, that is) hit us with a snow and rainstorm that not only provided us with the beautiful images above but also caused us to end the shoot early and schedule a follow-up session.

A session that fell on a day with warmer temperatures, no snow, plenty of sunshine and, yes, a moderate amount of wind!

The contrast is remarkable, yet gorgeous!




I couldn’t get enough of this gorgeous location! No wonder it’s a favorite spot for these two!







This little Pier was so much fun! We might have stayed a little longer if the wind didn’t practically blow us off!



What New England shoot isn’t complete without a view of the Boston Skyline! I’m in love with these silhouettes!



As we ended the shoot, we ventured back to Angela and Robbie gorgeous seaside neighborhood!  The day would have been incomplete without a family photo.

Say hello to Gia!

Clearly this little angel is Angela and Robbie’s pride and joy!  Isn’t she lovely?!?!




Angela & Robbie –
You are a true joy to be around!  Thank you for the honor of being a witness to your love, friendship and the start of a wonderful life together!

Congratulations to you both!


  • Gina Saccardo

    That is so beautiful Angela! I love it. Congrats!

  • Jaime, THANK YOU!!! I will go on record and say it was I that made the pumpkin woopie pies! 😉 I love the images and cannot thank you enough! I cannot wait for the wedding! xx

  • Oh my goodness! I love it! I’m so excited for your wedding to! It is going to be truly spectacular!

  • Guys, looks like you captured it in this blog: Love. Friendship. Commitment. The three essential ingredients for a happy life together. Congratulations, Dad!

  • Beautiful work Jamie.

  • Thank you Mike!

  • You both look beautiful and soooo happy! Good luck to you both!

  • Robbie barreda

    Great work! They came out great!! You would never guess how cold it was that night 🙂

  • That’s because the two of you are smoking hot! Really though, the two of you were fantastic! I’m so happy you love the pics!

  • Absolutely gorgeous pics…you two are the cutest!!!

  • Kelly Connolly

    These images are so beautiful! The ones with the snow are amazing! What a cute couple and a sweet expression of love and joy! Congratulations and best wishes!

  • The pictures are beautiful!! In just a few months we will looking at the wedding pictures!!!! I am so excited because you know what comes next!!!! love you guys xoxoxo

  • Awesome way to make it work in the inclement weather!

  • Wow! What a difference between the shoots! Your clients must be so excited, they received such a wonderful range of pictures. The snow pictures are amazing, great job incorporating the lights, and beautiful job backlighting and emphasizing the snow. Very well done!

  • How fantastic to see such a difference in seasons. I loved seeing the snow. It looks so whimsical. Nice shots!