Once upon a time, in a Castle by the lake, there lived a little princess name Maggie.
She spent most of her days laughing and playing at the park with her Mom.
Together, they would have great fun as they climbed the Jungle Gym and learned the ABC’s.


 But Miss Maggie dreamt of visiting the Fairy Land that dwelt beneath the old Dogwood tree.
It was a land full of merrymaking and adventure, gossamer and frills.
Perfect for little ladies destined to sprout wings!



Being a Fairy Princess was fun but something was missing.  So Miss Maggie decided to leave the merrymaking of her Fairy Land behind to return home.
After all, home is where your heart is and her’s would always belong to Mom and Dad.



  • Great location and great job with the props. You caught wonderful expressions from Maggie. Amazing!

  • Oh my gosh! Those big blue eyes are amazing!!! Very cute session!!!

  • Jaime,,you couldn’t have captued our precious Maggie better,,we love the story line,,can you contact me for copies for her party..love your work as always,,Mary Ellen McCarthy

  • Gary McCarthy

    The pictures have expressed, especially the fairy one with closed eyes and look toward heaven,what has filled my heart since the day see looked into my eyes. I wouldn’t think one could express such an emotion on film. You with your photos do that and show what I experience every day.

    Gary aka “Gampy”

  • Thank you Gary! I don’t believe I’ve ever had such a beautiful comment.