If you listen to “a lot of people” out there, you might be led to believe that falling in love at work is something you must avoid at all costs.
Funny. I make a habit out of not necessarily listening to “a lot of people” out there. After all…I met my husband at work!
Thankfully, Sherri and Mike gave little consideration to “a lot of people” as well!

Sherri & Mike met as co-workers at a local area Sprint store. From co-workers to friends and from friends to lovers, this couple found themselves inextricably tied to each-other.
Now, four years later, blessed with a beautiful daughter, they are set to celebrate their love with friends and family in a NH lakeside wedding next month.

Like most summer days, it was gorgeous for Sherri & Mike’s engagement shoot! We found ourselves frollicking about a local park, lounging in the shade of a giant Willow tree and enjoying the refreshing water of the park’s main fountain. From there we ventured back to where it all began as Sherri and Mike were let loose to play and get creative!

And Miss Ellie…she is just the sweetest, happy little lady!

Thank you to the staff at the Daniel Webster HWY Sprint for allowing us to take your store hostage for the afternoon! We had a great time playing around in front of the window display! Hopefully we weren’t too much of a distraction! An immense Thank You to Diane, Sherri’s Mom, for joining us during the first half of the shoot!
It was wonderful to be able to include Ellie in the day!

Congratulations to you both! I’m so looking forward to the BIG event!!