Over the past century, every child born into the fabric of the New England cloth has found themselves on one side of an epic rivalry – Red Sox vs.Yankees! Theirs is a legend born of blood, sweat, tears, heartache and eventual joy. A journey brought forth by the loss of an icon. A story of a curse and the gallant battle of strength, perseverance, faith and love that brings the burden of a nation crashing to its knees.

    For most, the love and passion for the Red Sox is not just a birthright, it’s a blood right!
    You are born with the fever!
    It is rare to find a true-blood New Englander that is a Yankees fan but, in truth, they exist! (I’m clearly a Red Sox fan!)

    Kerri-Anne & Steve put this rivalry to the ultimate test! Kerri-Anne is the stalwart Yankee fan while Steve epitomizes the heart of Red Sox nation! This couple rocks out the team opposition with a fiery passion that mirrors the heat and energy of their relationship.
    They are a playful duo of the rough and tumble persuasion, with an outrageous sense of humor!

    While the baseball season may cause division, it’s great to know that when it comes to football,
    these two are one in their love of the Patriots and Randy Moss!

    Our day started out at a very sentimental location for Kerri-Anne as she grew up visiting the Point Judith Lighthouse (Narragansett Bay) as a child. The wind was fierce, as a storm was closing in, but we took advantage of what we could before the rain.

    …And rain it did! We were drenched!! Before we broke to change into dry clothes I was able to snap a few really great images
    with the umbrellas I keep in my “in case of emergencies” toolbox!

What a day! We hit every possible summer weather situation possible! Thankfully everyone was having such a great time I don’t think anyone noticed! Even Gabby was enjoying herself! (Storm Clouds? No worries!)
(Steve must have mentioned how Awesome the Red sox were here…)

    One of the best things about Summer storms… they make for great sunsets with dramatic skies and beautiful lighting! There’s nothing quite like a dramatic storm on the water, unless of course you have a fantastic couple eager to be splashing around and playing in it!

    Thank you for being such great sports on a less than perfect day, especially Gabby for helping out and joining us for the post-rainstorm pictures! A very special thank you to Kerri’s Mom, Donna, and Cousin, Katelyn for being there to help out wherever necessary!
    You were wonderful!

    I had a blast working and laughing with you both! Ocotber is going to be here before you know it! Congratulations!