It’s the little details that make the moment great.  The way her eyes glisten and sparkle on that special day.  The way he celebrates with his friends and the tender way he caresses her cheek.  It’s the way they blush with the anticipation of knowing that something marvelous is about to take place!

Sherri & Mike’s wedding was stunning in every manner, from the location to the bridal accessories.  Every detail was lovingly planned and tenderly executed.  They knew what was most important to them and made sure they had the absolute best!  Such attention to detail can only translate into a relationship that takes nothing for granted, that cherishes the smallest of moments and the tiniest of details.  No wonder these two shine so brightly!

As a side note, check out these rocking images by my 2nd shooter, Kris!

The wedding took place at the Inns at Mill’s Falls in Meredith, NH.  It is a fantastic location filled with SO many wonderful details that my creativity runs wild!  I mean a white birch in the Tree House Suite?!?!  LOVE IT!  It was an ideal setting for some outstanding images of one gorgeous dress!

First Looks are becoming increasingly more popular for couples on their wedding day.  It is the perfect opportunity for a Bride and Groom to spend some quality time together in the quiet moments before the guests arrive and festivities begin.  Personally, I love shooting First Looks.  They’re so touching!  Most couples opt for the traditional wedding timeline so imagine my excitement when Sherri said this was something she absolutely had to do!  I almost squealed!

The moment was SO rich with emotion!  And Sherri’s smile…  that gorgeous, glowing smile… refused to leave her face all day!

We had a great time playing with all the outstanding details at the Inn.  For example, this baby grand was just sitting there… waiting for us.  How could we resist the opportunity to create such striking images?

Thank you to all the wonderful vendors for helping to make Sherri & Mike’s day so great!

Sherri & Mike –
Thank you for the honor of sharing in your joy!  May the years ahead of you always be filled with laughter and love!