Some people are born with a gift for making others feel welcome and at home. For them, it takes very little effort as it is merely part of who they are.
This fall, I had the distinct pleasure to photograph such a warm and passionate person.

Mariel is the picture of elegance and sophistication.  She exudes an air of confidence and professionalism that can be viewed as somewhat rare nowadays.  But it is her kindness and warmth that draws you in and makes you feel as though you have known her forever.

We spent a late afternoon and early evening shooting on location.  It was a marvelous time spent creatively exploring different locations inside and around her home, deciding on what to wear and gossiping about love and life.  From the food and friends to the laughter and conversation,
our time together felt more like a Ladies Night than a portrait session!!

Mariel was so open and willing to be herself that we were able to capture images that express how fun,
inviting and truly beautiful this woman is!!

…and my favorite image with that breathtaking natural light…