I could hardly wait to photograph Laura and Adam’s Engagement Session!
When I first met Laura and Adam I was excited and almost certain this would be the couple that would want to skydive for their engagement session.
After all, their first date was at Sky Venture… and then afterwards we would head to her grandmothers farm. So many of us true New Englanders have roots in New England from our parents, grandparents and great grandparents. It wasn’t until I got to the farm and heard Laura explaining every last detail in and out all the while telling stories of her brother and her parents and her entire child through adulthood growing up there.

005_Laura_Adam_Engaged 007_Laura_Adam_Engaged


The campfire got a bit toasty so we walked about the farm for a bit. Adam has a fantastic smile and a hearty laugh!


009_Laura_Adam_Engaged 010_Laura_Adam_Engaged 011_Laura_Adam_Engaged 013_Laura_Adam_Engaged





It was great walking all over the farm just watching the two interact. Then we went inside for Hot Cocoa!




021_Laura_Adam_Engaged 022_Laura_Adam_Engaged 023_Laura_Adam_Engaged 024_Laura_Adam_Engaged

As  I watched two sip their cocoa and warm up I had to ask Laura was her favorite part of the farm? It didn’t hit me until she told me the following.

“Every Summer we would weed the garden in the field beyond our fire. There is a stream we used to fish at beyond the border of the trees. We would play on my grandfather’s farm equipment and in and around the property every weekend as children. My mother worked third shift and my dad worked Saturdays, so we spent every Friday night there for many years growing up. We would polish silver in the room where the trains and grandfather clock was. We would prepare vegetables in the room where the chest freezer and flags were. My grand parents took us to Yellowstone Park when we were teenagers, above the flags are where we visited. We would hunt in the woods behind the house. Knowing that my mom may sell it, I wanted to make sure that I preserved the memories I had as a child…”

Wow! If I didn’t have an emotional connection to these images, I surely did now.
I had them finish their cocao while I wandered around seeking out the memorabilia she had just mentioned. Then there it was. From the old lamp and the spin dial telephone to the Certificate of Marital Achievement of her grandmother and grandfathers. I could clearly see and feel the love within this household and what the old homestead meant to her were more than just trinkets and stuff but memories of a few generations she wanted to share with her husband and son.


027_Laura_Adam_Engaged 028_Laura_Adam_Engaged 029_Laura_Adam_Engaged

I asked her about sharing this with Adam and he couldn’t have been sweeter. He helped with the fire earlier and moved the big things around and then Laura noted…

“As an adult, I have brought Dylan and Adam to the farm to experience the serenity that I get when I am there. The three of us had target practice with the signs from Adam’s work as targets. Adam showed Dylan how to shoot his gun there. He mentioned that the farm makes him feel, “peaceful…and a sense of relaxation” when he is there. He compared it to like being a little kid, exploring the woods and the cool areas of the farm. Like a child seeing things for the first time,
excited and anxious to find something he has never seen before.”
He has a sense of “family worth” when there.”

From her words and these images, I truly hope you make lasting loving memories forever!!! Congratulations to the both of you!

030_Laura_Adam_Engaged 031_Laura_Adam_Engaged 032_Laura_Adam_Engaged 033_Laura_Adam_Engaged