Some couples just compliment each other so well and in the process of getting to know them I am so fortunate to learn why they work so well together.
Meet Kim and Mike!

What I love most about Kim and Mike is as hard as they work they play just as hard.
Kim is a full time Children’s Photographer in addition to running her own Lifestyle Photography Business, Kim Jones Photography.
Mike also runs his own business, Kinetic Motorworks where he works on automotive customizing and manufacturing.

Their busy lifestyle is balanced by their love of family, friends, and these two know how to let loose and have fun.
Whether dancing the night away or heading to the mountains and hitting the slopes,
their time spent together radiates in their smiles the fun they both have just being together.

Since they both enjoy the Mountains, we headed north for their engagement session to Plymouth, NH where we stopped at the Common Man Inn and Spa.
Kim was indeed looking for a good reason to kick back with a glass of wine.
Check out these sweet images of the two of them just enjoying each others company over a cocktail.

I made them separate for just a moment to get some quick head shots.
I loved watching Kim laugh at Mike while he tried to give me his best GQ stare before he bust out laughing as well.

As we were headed off after a cocktail, I couldn’t help but notice the gorgeous warm window light so we had to sneak in a silhouette.

I love how the Common Man has so many rustic, romantic spots. Just a few more as they snuggled a top the stairwell.

As light began to become sparse we headed back outdoors to walk through the snow a bit and decide where to head to next.
Here they got a little playful and I just love their expressions wrapped up in each others arms.

Then we headed North! Our Goal was to chase the sunset into the mountains as far North as we could.
We settled on the Christmas Tree Farm in Bethlehem, NH because I remember a few months back what a spectacular sunset appeared over the hills of trees.
It was a hike with the gear but when I saw this image below, it made it all worth it!

I’m obsessed with the red hat and peacoat, but Mike’s hat just added the NH touch of warmth and fun.
As you can see we just kept going until the sun went down.

Congratulations Mike and Kim! I can’t wait for Part II!