There are so many firsts in life.  The first time you take a step.  Your first best friend.  Your first boyfriend or girlfriend.
The first time you flew in an airplane and your very first place.

Then there are the epic firsts.  The first time you fall in love.  The first time you look into the eyes of your newborn.
The first time you step inside the walls of a Sephora retail store…

Okay.  Maybe not epic but, Ladies, I know you know what I’m talking about!

It was about a year ago, at the urging of friend and fellow obsessive, that I even ventured into the store. I stood there one foot in the Sephora at the Natick Collection in pure amazement!  I could barely move and within seconds I began to hit it off with an amazing make-up artist, Gina.  We talked make-up and skincare, color, photography & weddings.  She inspired and taught me the magical wonders of the “smoky eye”. She is quite the amazing artist. For me, it was a revelation!
My eyes were opened to a whole new world!

Everyday I’m thankful I followed my friend’s recommendation, for without that trip I never would have made that connection with Gina.
And without that connection, I may never had the pleasure of meeting Jessica and John, a truly beautiful couple!

The first time I met Jessica & John was at a restuarant in the Worcester area.  The atmosphere was funky, the wine was great and the apps were tasty!  Almost immediately I sensed something different about this couple.  There is a life and richness to their love.  You can see it in the way their eyes meet and the way their faces light up when they tell a story, especially their story.

For their engagment session, Jessica & John chose to spend the day meandering about Boston’s Back Bay.  We made full use of the gorgeous Summer afternoon, beautiful landscapes and architecture, as well as all the spontaneous opportunities the city never fails to provide.  Not forgetting to mention, of course, the more subtle locations that gave us the opportunity to linger slightly longer than usual.  It’s in those lingering moments where the magic happens!  Magic like in what happens when you recreate one of their firsts…

A ride on an escalator and their first kiss!

No excursion in Boston would be complete without a visit to the Public Gardens…

and then strolling down back bay it was hard not to dip our feet in…

Then we continued our stroll down Newbury Street, complete with sidewalk performances and dancing!

As self-proclaimed Foodies, this couple loves a great meal.
What better way to cool off from the Summer heat than with a glass of Sangria at the fabulous Tapeo, one of their favorite spots.

While the idea was to take a quick break and cool off, things just kept heating up!

Jessica & John –
Congratulations on your Engagment!  I cannot wait for the Big Day!