It has always amazed me the way people come in and out of your life.  The way life always comes back full circle.
Each time I look at the images of Ariele and Ivan I’m reminded of this and it warms my heart.

I’ve known Ariele since she was a little girl.  My Parent’s bought the house next to her’s when I was MUCH younger.  I remember being so excited that I would have a neighbor, albeit a few years younger than I, to run around the neighborhood with and have great adventures.  We both grew and I had the immense pleasure of spending time with Ariele and her younger sister, Bailey, as I babysat.  Time continued to pass.  I graduated high school and moved away to college, met my husband and started a family.  Now it’s Ariele’s turn and, once again, she & her family have entrusted me with such an important aspect
of their life – capturing the love and marriage of their eldest daughter!

Ariele and Ivan, both research scientists, met at the laboratory where they both work – first meeting in Ariele’s interview with the company.  Over time they got to know each other and, eventually, Ivan garnered the courage to ask Ariele out to dinner.  Although I was reassured this was not a date as they were just friends, this did not stop them from closing the restaurant down over a night of  talking and laughter. Their friendship continued to blossom and grew into love.

For their engagement shoot, Ariele and Ivan chose to have their pictures taken on the grounds of the Lab where they work.  It is a GORGEOUS location with outdoor sculptures, amazing architecture and impeccable landscaping.  It was challenging to settle on where to begin the shoot!

One of the things I love most about Ariele & Ivan is how at ease and natural they are together.  They move as one cohesive unit, falling into each other like two perfectly matched puzzle pieces.  It is such a beautiful thing to witness.

The main building on the Lab’s campus is Mostly Hall, housing all the Administrative offices for the company.
It is impossible to keep from falling in love with this building! Ivan had such a charming manner and distinguished features, we chose the Library for his close-up.

 I have to admit, I’m a wee bit jealous that they work in such a location with exquisite pieces of art and lush vegetation.
Even the interiors glow with the colors of the outdoors bouncing and reflecting off the rustic dark wood.

While Ivan, being the perfect gentleman, took a break to get refreshments for Ariele and her awesome sister Bailey, who was there for moral & fashion support, we roamed the Hall looking for the perfect spot for Ariele’s close-up.  Nestled next to the library, the receiving room, complete with an antique crystal chandelier & velvet chaise, was perfect!

The room in all its elegance and soft light only served to accentuate Ariele’s beautiful features and light blue eyes!

Just as we were about to venture back outside, I saw this beautiful painting hanging in the music room.
It was impossible to resist! I love it when life imitates art!

This is one of my favorite images from the day.

This water sculpture was amazing!  The ornate detail and geometric patterns create such an intriguing mood.
I love the way the two of you compliment each other so well!

Ariele & Ivan –
Thank you for being the amazing couple that you are!  Congratulations on your engagement!

I can’t wait to see you at the wedding next spring! It’s going to be remarkable.