Today we’re kicking it up a notch, or a few!
Matt and Janine contacted me awhile back and as we chat over a plummy bottle of Malbec, I knew instantly how much fun they were going to be!
Matt and Janine may be polar opposites on many levels, but Oh Wow! When the two of them are together sparks fly!

We started out their engagement shoot in a small park in Boston under the Zakim Bridge. There were two spots where the light was all warm and buttery and
I couldn’t resist all that yummy light streaming right across the two.


You may have noticed the Museum of Science in the Background a few images back.
How could we not include an image of their favorite place to go? In fact they are even members!

So we grabbed our tickets and ventured in! 1st Stop the Butterfly Garden!


Matt is fantastic with all the puzzles all over the wall, he kept hopping anxiously from one to the next – it was difficult to keep up with him until I suggested they have a seat!



Then we came around the corner and the Exhibit was all about LIGHT!!!
Did I just die and go to heaven? My inner geek squealed and it was time to play! Yes, they were just as excited as I was! Wicked Awesome, and it just got even better!
I can’t really tell who had more fun with this shoot. It might be a toss up, but I certainly loved it! We have lights, reflections, mirrors, shiny things, and a gorgeous couple.
They even indulged me and let me play for a few minutes in the Photography Exhibit!

Fun. Fun. Fun!


I love this sequence. I saw the red lights below and I could see it happening before me so I just stood back and let them do their own thing.


And then something Magical happened…

Matt and Janine, Congratulations!
The two of you are so incredibly much fun and complimentary to each other in every way!
I seriously can not wait until your wedding next month!