Today’s post is all about fun. Fun, love and beer! Yea!  What better way to spend your engagement than going to your favorite place!

Mark & Noel like many people didn’t want to just jump in front of my camera. Who would be nervous right?  I promised it would be fun!
I suggested perhaps they might feel better or more comfortable at their favorite place, so what better place than their favorite, The Red Hook Brewery in Portsmouth, NH.

Fun we had and yes, those are their mugs below. I loved the idea of a brewery tour so we got to learn all about yummy beer and take some really fun shots!

I couldn’t quite resist the shot below on the left… I’m pretty sure they didn’t even notice 😀

And the tour begins…

After the tour we went out on the grounds and it was completely pouring! Since we had absolutely no luck with the weather we decided to get a few shots and then…



Off to play in the rain!!! Yes, it was pouring for our stroll through the park but again, it didn’t stop these two.






I love this tree, and the dropping rain saturating the colors of all the greenery in the park just set the mood!


What a fantastic day! I can not wait until your Spring wedding! The two of you are amazing together!
Cheers to the both of you.