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I ventured to the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) conference in Vegas for the first time in 2009.  It was my first adventure as a new studio owner and coming out party as a professional wedding photographer.  I was overwhelmed by the enormity of the event and deluge of inspirational ideas that came with it.  You can imagine my disappointment when I discovered I would be unable to attend last year’s conference.  But, here I stand, another studio year under my belt, poised to be inspired and… overcome with anxiety at the thought of leaving any loose end untied!  And yet…

Tic, tic, tic… the WPPI countdown clock continues unwinding in my brain.  The constant reminder of time running out as I endeavor to cross off every “to-do” I have promised myself will be done before stepping on the plane to Vegas.  There are the family responsibilities to handle, business taxes to prepare (or, at least, start preparing) and editing to complete.  Not failing to mention travel arrangements still to be scheduled, preparations for my PLUS class to be completed, platform classes to be chosen, shoots to be scheduled and figuring out which events to attend!

You can imagine my excitement in the few moments I discovered between processing images that Justin & Mary Marantz, an amazing husband and wife photography duo, is putting on a contest for photogs traveling to WPPI this year.  They are hosting a FREE Shoot-Out for 20 lucky photographers!  All I need to do to win is post on this blog why I should be chosen.  Of course, the more creative the better, right?  And the anxiety level increases…

You see, Justin & Mary are the epitome of togetherness, whether in life or business.  From what I hear, crazy cool too!  While we are only a few states away, it seems as though the stars never fully align.  I’m always shooting a wedding or have a session scheduled when they Spread the Love all over New England!  It makes me wonder… When will I catch a break?

I could do a video blog but I can’t sing and look too much like Red, from Fraggle Rock, when I work in the morning.  While this may sound entertaining, I fear this might scare away readers… and my current clients!  Besides, with so much to do, how do I find the time?

I mean, really.  I can’t seem to keep my kitchen sink clean!

I can’t keep my house plants alive either!  Seriously,  that’s a spotted aloe plant!  It goes dormant and doesn’t need to be watered! Still.  Look at it!  So sad!

Even more frustrating, I can’t seem to get my son to clean up his toys!  Sometimes I feel like the little guy in the corner – hand on my head in utter defeat!

On top of it all, I can’t even bake!   My son turned 7 today.  About an hour before bedtime last night, he informs me that I have to bake 20 cupcakes for his 1st grade class!  So, this is the result of my attempt at baking.  Those poor pathetic things!

You can imagine my surprise when one of my son’s classmates, a 6-yr old little lady, looked me straight in the eye, after making a silly face at my cupcakes, and smiling said, “Ooo fancy!  Look at all the fun shaped cupcakes!”

Then it hit me.  A sweet, tender, somewhat meaningless comment from a 6 year old girl completely altered my perspective.
Maybe I’m looking at life, and the multitude of things to be done, through the wrong lens?

What if it’s not about what I can’t do, but what I can?

I can look at things and visually change my focus and perspective in an instant.

I can do anything I set my mind to accomplish.
I am a person that can make things happen!

I can take a pretty cool picture.  And then, I can do it again, and again, and again!
Every time I try, I get better at it.  It’s what I love.  It’s what I do best.  Without question.

I’ve been planning on attending Justin & Mary’s platform class, How to be a Rainmaker (Thursday, 2/24 @ 9am), since I heard they were presenting.  However, when they choose their contest winners, I’m counting on finally catching a break!  I’m hoping to have the opportunity to not only meet Justin & Mary but to have some of their awesomeness rub off on me!
(I hope that doesn’t sound too creepy!)

J & M – I promise.  I’ll make you proud!  That I definitely CAN do!