Say Hello Little Miss Melanie!

A day in the life of this adorable little lady… is full of laughter, adventure and play.  I can’t think of a better way to spend the afternoon than in the park, blowing bubbles, picking flowers and discovering the scientific elements (she keeps those blocks in her purse), So cute!

With mom and dad behind her there’s nothing she can’t do!
(Well except for frolic barefoot, because she has to show off those pretty little sandals with that adorable purse!)

Mom and dad are so very proud!!!

I couldn’t resist this next image, my absolute favorites, as she played peek-a-boo through the bench!

Who can resist this face!

I had to chase her to get these last few images, while the clever little lady laughed at me as I rolled around on the grass with her!

Thank you Miss Melanie for a lovely morning adventure!