Fun for Photographers…
I really have to give a shout out to the Wedding and Portrait photographers in the Boston area. Our area has many new and seasoned photographers alike, who get together at least once a month for meetings, groups, socializing, image reviews etc. While predominantly we discuss business, sometimes we just like to go out and have fun, playing with our cameras, lights, new gear of course.

A few weeks back,  a group of us gathered our resources (organized by friend and colleague Debbie Zoe) and went out to Elm Bank Horticulture Society to play around , socialize, and shoot.
I thought to myself, hey…wouldn’t it be a perfect time to play around with some ideas and lighting styles I was fascinated with while taking an intensive lighting course this past February while in Las Vegas at one of my seminars.
Author and photographer Chris Grey put on this “AMAHY-ZING” Master Class (note my poor use of spelling, grammar and punctuation – because if you could hear me I am singing about it as I type it)  illustrating iconic imagery and lighting techniques from 1910 ~ 1970.  I absolutely fell in love with the moody and dramatic styles of the 1920’s and the 1930’s. Completely inspired after further research into lighting history, and the true Vintage Hollywood Lighting styles, I was most in awe of images created by George Hurrell. Specifically, images with dramatic use of contrast featuring May West, Joan Crawford, and Veronica Lake just to name a few of my favorites, I was so excited to have an opportunity to play around…

So let’s just start off with a pretty outdoors portrait and then get straight to the fun stuff!


I must admit, I love color. However Pink, being my least favorite color so soft and sweet, I tried to find a way to spice it up a bit with some gels and some drama.
Bring on the shadows!


Here we have the lovely bridesmaid for the shoot. Her skin was flawless and I wanted to pay special attention to lighting her face!


While many of these images I chose to keep the color, I am in love with this lighting style!



Almost ready…



Our model bride, Stacie nailed it…




Perhaps two of my favorite images from the shoot are these next two. Enjoy the rest and check back again as the wheels of creativity are spinning through my head and I’m going to make another project of this!




Thank you Debbie and all the other 25 photographers and fantastic vendors who donated their time, energy, and talents to such a fun afternoon!

Bride and Groom
Stacie Waleyko  & Tim Walsh

Venue: Elm Bank, Massachusetts Horticultural Society
Bridal gowns & Bridesmaid dresses: Chantilly Place
Linens and Decor: Counting Sheep Antiques
Flowers:  French Bouquet Florist and Morgan Perrone of Valley Flower Company
Stationary: Requesting Your Presence
Make up Artist: Amanda McCarthy Beauty
Hair Stylist: Meghan Jones