I LOVE connecting with people!  This may be part of my addiction to social media!  There is nothing more exciting than learning someone’s story.  The Fotique fan page was created on Facebook a little less than a year ago.  The lovely Michelle was one of the very first people to hit our “like” button!  Since that moment, she has been a regular, welcome contributor and big fan of the studio.  I distinctly remember a post on the page shortly after Christmas, when her relationship status changed to “Engaged”, asking if I knew any really good photographers.  Michelle and Kevin live in the Sunshine State so, with a little creativity and through the wonders of modern technology (Skype! LOVE IT!), we were able to connect & I had the joy to hear their story.  Before I knew it, we were talking about locations and planning their Tampa area engagement shoot!

Michelle is smart, beautiful and worldly.  Her tastes run as free as her energetic spirit.  Kevin is an amazing dad to two wonderful boys and a savvy business man.  He has a genuine character with a ginormous heart.  Individually, Michelle and Kevin each have a unique and special glow sourced from their confidence and originality.  They share fantastic smiles and outgoing interests but when together, they seem to shine even brighter!

We began our session in Ybor City, an eclectic area of Tampa known for its cultural Latin flair and a nightlife where nothing stays still.


Michelle’s location choices were outstanding!
They were so much fun, the colors so vibrant, that it naturally brought out the playful sides of this fantastic couple!


Simply sweet and genuine.  That is Love.


We strolled along the streets, walking and chatting when we came upon the Ritz.
Michelle began to explain the history of the theater turned nightclub, which has now been reclaimed as a theater and function hall.
Unfortunately, the theater was closed but that didn’t stop us from seizing the opportunity to get these shots just out front.


As we made our way Kevin’s favorite location, one he was very excited to get to, I saw these arches.  How could I resist?!?!


Finally we arrived at the Spaghetti Warehouse!
I wasn’t sure if it was the Spaghetti & Meatballs or the eat-in Trolley (both big favorites of Kevin’s) but, after a quick and delicious lunch,
we made sure to step inside the trolley for a few quick images.



With full bellies, we made our way to Downtown Tampa for some sightseeing and images set against some contemporary architecture.

It always makes me smile when walking turns into dancing in the streets…



and on the boardwalk…



I love the shot on the left!



The Musuem of Contemporary Art served as the perfect backdrop with a gorgeous mural that sparkled with vibrant reflections.



The Boardwalk led us to the Downtown Amphitheater where Michelle and Kevin turned up the heat.
The rest of the shoot rocked with intense architecture, tight squeezes and close, cozy quarters.


Thank you Michelle and Kevin for inviting me to share a day with you and the honor to capture a piece of your story.
To say I can’t wait until your Fall Destination Wedding on the Beaches of the Gulf of Mexico would be an understatement. 

Congratulations to you both!

Also a BIG thank you to Michelle’s mom, Sharon, who helped make the day complete! 

Finally, thank you to my assistant, Tanya, who prior to moving to Tampa for school, was my first rocking photo assistant ever!
It was SO much fun working with you again!