The holiday season is such a magical time of year, filled with so many special moments to share and celebrate with the people you love.  It is easy to forget amid all the parties, toasts and gifts that there are so many brave men and women who are unable to be with their family this holiday. In honor of one of these courageous individuals, today’s very special Christmas post is dedicated to SSG Richard Nolan.

Richard’s wife, Peggy, is an extraordinary woman who wants nothing more than to be with her greatest love during the holidays.  But Peggy, Richard and their children are one of those remarkable families that has sacrificed proximity out of service to this great country.  For that, we are humbled and honored.

Peggy and Richard were high school sweethearts but, like most high school romances, it came to an end.  Peggy and Richard traveled along their individual life journies, never truly forgetting the other (Richard secretly kept a picture he took of Peggy on her 17th birthday).  It wasn’t until some 25 years later when their paths would cross one more time.  It was in that moment, that two people, who were never truly lost, found each other again.  But why should I tell you about their love when Peggy does it SO much better.  Below is an excerpt from her poem “Serendipity Sliding Sideways”, written for her husband, best friend and own personal WOW.

“Weeding through my junk mail…

Minding my own business
An email from my first boyfriend
Someone I haven’t seen
in 25 years
A blast from the past

oh Wow!

I asked him
“are you busy tonight?
can you meet for coffee?”
He says he’s free
and that he love to see me

It’s  9PM
as I pull into the
Denny’s parking lot

I’m a little late

he’s a little early

I walk in
And see him sitting there
In a booth
Facing the front door
So he can see me

I hope I look good
I hope I’m not too fat

I can’t believe
it’s him

He stands up
And we hug hello
This incredible hug

I let go
But he’s still holding me
And I know

Right then and there
I know
I will buy that car when I see it

And I see it
I’m sitting across from
the man

who once was
the boy

I first fell in love with

This sense of WOW
Serendipity Sliding Sideways
Flips me upside down”

To the man who is someone’s WOW… Merry Christmas! Click the link below for your very special present…

With Love From Peggy

In the short time that I have come to know Peggy, I have been inspired by her strength, passion, grace and love.  She is a remarkable woman, wife, mother and friend.  She is a survivor, writer and teacher.  Her radiance is only enhanced by her extraordinary personality and vivaciousness.  This is one beautiful woman to behold!

Richard, you are a blessed man!

Merry Christmas, Grandpa!

Happy Holidays from Ed and Holly!

And, of course, Miss Olivia sends you Love.

Richard, Thank you SO much for everything you do!
I look forward to our meeting next August for a very special couples lifestyle session for You and Peggy,
compliments of Fotique.
May your Christmas and New Year’s be blessed!

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