I knew I would absolutely love Kristina & Adam in the 1st 5 minutes I met them in my little office by the ocean.

As a couple they are so refreshing, down to earth, candid and fun. I couldn’t wait to figure out where their engagement session would take place. Individually Adam is the most thoughtful, genuine, nice guy one could imagine. Kristina was vivacious and beautiful, and then she hooked me with her talk of deep hues and an affinity for MY favorite time of year when the leaves popped and were a wonderland of breathtaking color fusion.
They even let me help pick their wedding date based on the foliage!  Now I’m getting ahead of myself.


Okay, so the peak of the season here we are for the test run. Yea to engagement photos!

Bear with me on this, it’s a rarity when I have difficulty choosing favorites in seconds.
Looking at each image and seeing all sorts of different emotion through different facial expressions,

only brought me back to our office chat where we spent 4 hours telling each other stories!

OK. Enough already. Let’s get to some fabulous engagement photos!!!

I’m digging the motion in our opener photo here. My confidant couple stealing smooches while I test my light and the runners sneak by. 





Let’s just say, I love when you bring your pooches for your portraits.
Tucker here was amazing. I think he has modeling potential in his future. 

Ok. I admit it. It’s not me – but because he has great parents. Seriously, he is the most well behaved and attentive dog I’ve ever worked with.



After a walk across the bridge we finally got to play amongst the leaves in all their colors. 

These two are going to go a long away. (I wasn’t even coaching or posing them.)






Now it starts to get even more intense. Not only does Kristina rock this plum colored dress, but she radiates the autumn warmth with her gorgeous smile and bright eyes. 



I have to say this image here is one of my absolute favorites. They are totally not listening to me, because they probably can’t hear me across the lake, and I got stuck on a ledge but no worries … they just engage and stare into each others eyes, and they aren’t even talking, but you can see with their body language how much love they have for each other.





And then we started losing the light… I plead with them to stay in he woods a little while longer. I’m so glad they were great sports because the only thing I love more than the saturated color pops of autumn leaves are muted expressions on their faces as they play in the evening woods at dusk.








Congratulations Kristina and Adam!
I had so much fun working with the two of you and can not wait until next fall to capture your wedding!