A rustic farm, rolling fields, fluffy clouds and sunshine are just a few of the perfect elements that make up this next lifestyle family session set in rural New Hampshire! Just add a rocking family like the Kibbies! Since the Kibbie’s are not your typical family, we had to be certain to not have a typical lifestyle session.
So once we got a few of quick shots out of the way,  it was definitely time to play.

How fitting that Mr. Xach Kibbie strummed the guitar as the kids frolicked through the fields with the joy and exuberance of youth. There’s nothing better than an end of summer day of family fun in a pastoral scene, harkening back to simpler times with none of the disconnection and distraction of cell phones and video games.
Simple pleasures and serenity as seen in this tranquil setting.

This is one of my favorite parts of the shoot! The kids were more than happy to do their own thing.

Here we are below at one amazing farm, Harvey Farm in Epping, NH.

The Milk Room has got to be the best way to end a great family session…even the barn cat, taking a cue from “man’s best friend” to relax and enjoy the dog days of summer.

Melissah and Xach it was certainly a joy to spend the afternoon playing…photographing in the fields with you and your family!

  • Dr Jim Cossingham

    This is my grandson and his family. Bev and I enjoyed them very much!

  • wow !!how very charming. So many that I adore. Maeva has a particularly beautiful shot that is amazing and I love the ice cream with Lock and well Ixaac is so handsome. And you and Xach together are so romantic. You are the perfect family. And the American dream . You deserve it all. You’ve earned it. Love Mom

    PS I want some copies!!