I had not gotten the opportunity to meet Mike as with most my couples before the engagement session.
Kelly just wanted to take a stroll through Newburyport, MA and be by the water where he was comfortable.
She decided we would meet up at this rustic little restaurant called Ceia. It was a breath of European  flair meets rustic New England seaside.
The staff was fantastic and served them the yummiest cocktails before we began our shoot.
Mike was everything Kelly said he would be. Charming, witty, and sweet.
I could see how very quickly how these two would balance each other and keep each other on their toes for years to come…



 Of course we started with a cozy cocktail…



Kelly’s ring was just gorgeous so we had to get a classic ring shot 😉





After some refreshments we headed out and walked through this great alley with sunlight bursting in through the street side. A perfect moment to take a break from the afternoon heat.













We strolled through the streets and the alleyways back to the cars and it was clear that Kelly and Mike smiles and laughter were contagious.




We took a drive up the coast and went to Plum Island  for some beach shots. The beach area was closed so, we took a stroll around the less populated areas.

This is one of my favorite shots below!


Mike was breaking out the modeling poses all day so we took a few moments so he could strut his poses…



As we went to the beach area that was open, my brought his second love…




The day ended with a gorgeous sunset. Kelly and Mike the two of you are just perfect for each other. Its just refreshing to see you together.
Congratulations on your engagement and I can’t wait for your wedding this year!