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Have you ever seen a photographer without a camera in hand or, perhaps, securely strapped to their body?  Seriously.  Have you?  It’s so rare that it would be like going on a camping trip only to wake up one morning to find Big Foot cooking breakfast!  Granted most photographers don’t fall into my extreme with full rigg and lighting set up with me everywhere I go… I mean, you have to be prepared for everything and anything!  It’s like an unwritten rule; an article attached to the ten commandments that reads…

“If thy art is photography, thou shalt always have thy camera on thy person”

So when a family member hosts an uber-secret, surprise birthday party, no one needs to ask who is bringing the camera!!

Steve is a man of few words but those few words are always thoughtful and rarely wasted… except when he tells a joke.  His is a rare and witty sense of humor!

He is a man who would lay down his life for the people he loves, without question.  A man who isn’t one to call attention to himself, who prefers the background to the spotlight, and is especially critical of celebrating his birthday.  Thankfully, he married a woman who doesn’t care and into a family that relishes any opportunity to celebrate the one’s they love over food, drink and lots of socializing!!

Steve’s big day started with a round of golf on a perfectly gorgeous July morning.  As he approached the clubhouse, slugging his bag across his shoulders, a large group of people, made up of friends and family who traveled great distances, broke out in a chorus of “Happy Birthday!”.  Sadly, I was not there to witness Steve’s reaction as I hear he was extraordinarily touched.  Luckily, there was plenty more celebrating to be had!

Kathy, Steve’s wife (background), had the guys at Sugar & Spice Bake Shoppe… a family favorite… write a very special message on the cake.  The message read: “Happy 39th Anniversary of your 21st Birthday”.  Can you see the wheels turning while Steve does the math?

It was the perfect day to celebrate such an amazing man!

Steve, here’s to many more anniversaries of your 21st birthday! With love…