Today I’m elated to share some images of a lovely young lady that I had the pleasure of photographing recently.
Hannah a senior at North Andover High School, contacted me and explained how she wanted her senior portraits to reflect her love for sunshine and outdoors
Instead of a stuffy studio making “cheesy” poses. She chose the beach as she wanted to feel the wind, which gave her hair a wavy stunning look!

A gorgeous young lady with Hazel eyes, her eyes and expression beamed with warmth and sunshine.
I couldn’t have picked a more suitable location for her senior portraits!
I love how the images below of Hannah walking through the sea flowers and walking through the ocean water
exemplify the contrast between the sweet and casual side of her flowing into the fresh and fun.


She was so much fun to photograph, this smile is from her mom’s influence watching nearby!

While the beach is so gorgeous we also made sure to use the lush foliage by the water. I love the color that she chose.

And of course while having fun, we can make some fun images to!

As we were finishing up, the sun began to set so we stayed awhile longer to play in the water.

This is one of my favorite images from the shoot below. The sunset glowing behind her with just a kiss of warm light to match her amazing smile.

While listening to her mom, I snuck in this picture. It reminded me of the 50’s glamour style…

Hannah you are beautiful inside and out! Good luck to you in your senior year and all the best with your future endeavors!