I have been waiting 6 years for this post and it’s a bit emotional for me.

I first met Dee and Shaun when they were in my Muay Thai kickboxing classes at PMAA. She would rush in, decked out in the most stylish fashions, complimented by only the finest jewelry from her store she ran by herself, and Shaun would be arriving usually before her with a car full of adorable youngsters. He was the handsome Irish guy with the biggest personality and she was a force of a business woman that I envied.
A few years went by and we always exchanged pleasantries. Then one spring day I was photographing a charity event/fashion show for Breast Cancer Awareness and before getting to a long day of work, I donated a session on the silent auction table and got to work.

A few long hours later, the show was wrapped, the vendors were closing up and she watched me limping a bit, because of course you can’t photograph a fashion show without fabulous shoes… and she came over to me and gave me a pair of flip flops, thanked me for the work, and invited me out for a glass of wine as one of the things she mentioned was she had the winning bid for a Fotique Session!

What began as a glass of wine eventually turned into 3 and the start of the best friendships. Within weeks she welcomed me into her home and treated me like family. Year after year we celebrated our children’s accomplishments, attended family dinners, vacations, milestones, and when life got a little messy or tough, we were just a phone call away and there in 10 minutes. Yet every year I kept asking, “When are you going to use your session?”
Every day, week, month, and year Dee and Shaun had something going on and were always putting the children first. I loved them so much and learned so much more about family.  I watched their children grow to become adults, Shaun was always a role model and father figure to my son. He taught him to swim, ride a bike, and always let him tinker around the garage. I also believe that his constant guitar playing inspired his interest in music.
My heart was broken when I moved far enough away that I was no longer a daily person in the household, chatting over dinner, getting the kids together, but then and now they are always there.

Then I got the phone call. They were going to finally use the session…for a family BBQ in Maine. A BBQ. I was a little disappointed, but thought ok, I love family BBQ and if Shaun’s Nana is going to be there this is important! I shifted my schedule and cleared the date. While working in NH, I spent the night, and over morning coffee Shaun was grinning ear to ear and Dee couldn’t keep it from me any longer…

This wasn’t going to be just any family BBQ. This was THE family BBQ where the entire family was going to be united together on the beach, complete with rings, and their wedding! I was excited to tears! I’m in tears still posting this because I’m so happy for both of you and I love you so much!

The ceremony began as most weddings do, with a walk escorted by Lex and Ali where Shaun was so happy to be standing next to Kyle and in front of all his family for his bride to arrive.

Then with a twist and a surprise, Dee and Shaun began the ceremony by celebrating their children and gifting them with rings
uniting their families as one!

The winds blew as if to cheer on their union as they said their vows.




And their they stood together, as husband and wife (finally) and sealed it with a kiss!


I love you guys so very much, my heart is full of so much joy for you and your family!




These three, I love you so much too!








After Shaun’s brother hosted the ceremony at the beach house, Dee’s sister Joyce welcomed all the family back to her place for some celebrating!
But no celebration is better without a first dance as the sun went down!



Celebrated by the best family around, Dee and Shaun you are truly blessed!






Congratulations to the both of you!
You mean so much to me and so many people. I wish you a life of love, joy, blessings and sandwiches with songs.




Thank you to Ali, Lex, and Kyle for assisting me with the romantic campfire images. You are the best children a parent could ask for.