Every now and then you meet a couple that is so incredibly in love with each other, that they just make each other shine brighter and more beautiful when in each others presence. I met Aubrey and Corey over a year ago and for hours we chatted about their sweet story of how they fell in love and shared all the details over a glass of wine.  She had everything planned out perfectly and knew exactly what they wanted. From the love birds to the lanterns and butterflies…
I knew they were troopers and fantastic with weather mishaps when we did their engagement shoot in the freezing cold last winter, you can see that here!

What we didn’t expect was a surprise visit from Mother Nature to join us for their gorgeous outdoor mountain side wedding…

Now that everyone was ready we were all fretting hoping the rain could just hold off a little longer.  In the meantime we bring you ring security…

There was not a dry eye in the crowd at this very moment…


As the rain fell lightly at first they held hands and smiled at each other, then the skies opened up and they stood their strong, smiling, and just laughed…

It was such a beautiful moment!


The rain held off for the portraits above and then mother nature just couldn’t keep away. Aubrey and Corey still wanted to walk around and get some fantastic images of just the two of them mountainside in the tree farm. I was so excited even though it was raining again! She was so poised and beautiful!


 I love these shots below…



Reception time!



It was truly a beautiful wedding, even with the howling winds and wacky weather. There was even a mini tornado that rolled through that night! But cheers to them!
A couple that proves nothing will stop them from being with each other.

Venue: Rocks Estate Christmas Tree Farm

Catering: Harts Turkey Farm

Many Thanks to the amazing friends and family who helped put everything together so beautifully and elegantly for Aubrey and Corey.
The details were amazing!!!

I also have to say a special thank you to my talented second shooter, umbrella chaser, lighting assistant.
She was fantastic and patient with my all my requests, Thank you,  Nadya Middleton!

Congratulations Aubrey and Corey!!!
I wish you a beautiful life of love and happiness always!