“The glance she gave me as everyone walking by watched, I knew right then this was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and make my wife…”

Aubrey and Corey are one of those couples who appear easy going,  but have this infinite range of electric personality. It was so much fun to walk around Boston with them through Faneuil Hall, the Boston Common, and eventually over to the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston. It was a blast to spend the afternoon wandering around their favorite spots and chatting about everything from wedding details to rock bands. I love that Corey is a 80’s hair band fan…
and because he loves Aubrey so much, he even listens to country music now.

We started our day at the Boston Common and I have to say these two rocked. They are naturals in front of the camera and who am I kidding?
We just played all day, you can completely see how in love these two are even in the freezing cold.

I invited along my amazingly talented and good friend Jeff Newcum  for the shoot and it is so much fun when we work together! Take special note of his wicked awesome wide angle shots throughout this post like  the one below through the trees, I love it! Thank you Jeff.

Ok. These two are hysterical and I love the way Aubrey laughs. (You want us to do what in the puddle???)
So, I had to include these two outtakes I shot, while Jeff was getting the awesome wide shot below.

Of course we’ll do a bridge shot. Maybe a few 😉

As it got extremely cold and really windy, we decided it was definitely time for a glass of wine, but first as the sun was going down we had to get a few shots on the way. I can’t decide which image I like better of the two on the top. The fun one below with Corey’s funny expression, or him whisking her around dancing with her in the street.

So who knew that Corey is a guitar player, how fitting we headed next to the Hard Rock…

So after we got the shots above, the rockin manager let us into the back room that was completely empty while they were setting up for a special event. So even though we only got to play for a few minutes it was completely worth it.

I’m loving the pool table images. Their expressions are fantastic!

I get the feeling that this couple likes to dance! Aubrey and Corey I am so happy for the both of you and can not wait to see you put your dancing shoes on again and celebrate your wedding this September! It is going to be outstanding!