Who doesn’t love to be inspired and challenged on a regular basis?
As an artist, photographer, or just an ordinary human being – it’s so completely necessary to have someone give you a little push and encourage you to be better than you thought you could be. To practice every day in every way to be a better person.  Last winter I attended a 3 day workshop with one of my favorite inspiring photographers, Mr. Jerry Ghionis. The workshop was outstanding and he inspired me to be a better photographer by encouraging a train of thought to continually further myself to be more creative and find new ways to look for inspiration.
Of course while I have never been known to sit quietly, I opened my big mouth in class and he gave me quite an intriguing assignment.

Rock on.

I was totally up for it! Take two things you love and mix em up. I had two things going through my head, one of my favorite movies I had watched before going to Vegas for the workshop,  The 300 inspired by Frank Millers Graphic Novel and of course wedding photography. To truly imagine what was going on in my head you can look inside the book by clicking here.

And with that the wheels were turning…

Here’s where the fun came in, creating an inspirational Bridal Theme and mashing it up with the visuals from the book and movie. When I mentioned my idea, I had someone tell me it couldn’t be done, that the movie was digitally created and blah, blah… and that was push number two.
I was about to create something sexy,dramatic and with rustic imagery so I assembled my rocking team! I scouted castles and countrysides all over New England and picked locations for the time of day. It took months of planning, creating, strategizing,  and finally it was my favorite part, Shoot time! While the weather did not cooperate for all of the shoot everybody was awesome and I’m so excited to share my results!









 Thank You, Thank You, Thank You… to the Amazing people and vendors who helped me with my project! Seriously, I had one idea and nothing to illustrate other than to articulate the following words – Rustic, Gritty, Sexy, Bold, Dramatic and earthy tones. These fantastic vendors read my mind I can not recommend them enough to work with!

To the lovely, fun, and amazing couple Shaunna and  Dan! I’m so happy you were so patient with my 2 days of playing Director!
Tiffany Hall of Tiffany Hall Beauty for the gorgeous Make-up and Styling. This woman is a true artist with skin as her palette!
Andrea Dahlberg who is a Phenomenal Seamstress who designed and created the bridal gown from an idea!
Alyssa from Apotheca Flowers who went above and beyond and created the most elaborate and rustic floral arrangements!
Wandee Ducharme of Hair We Are with the Amazing Braided Bridal Do!
and Crown and Plume for the feathers to match the flowers! (I have a little obsession with the color red and feathers!!!)