Introducing the soon to be Mr. & Mrs.



I met Amy and Matt earlier this year as a referral through one of Amy’s bridesmaids and best friends. I knew right away they were more than a beautiful couple but deep, thoughtful good people…just like her friend. As a couple they are so sweet, very considerate of each other, extremely attentive and patient with each other. I loved hearing about their families, how they met, as well as each of their interests and the ones that brought these two together. I was amazed at how such a busy couple could find the time for each other with everything they have going on!

Their story begins with telling me how Matt proposed to Amy in one of their favorite spots in the Boston Public Gardens on the bridge. So of course we began our session in a spot special not to those in the area of Boston, but especially to the two of them. 









With a walk through the Boston Commons there were so many onlookers and Amy and Matt were fantastic!

A bridal party even came by to congratulate the two, and gave them a gift!





Of course a shoot in Boston would not be complete without their Boston T-shirts!






While the sun began to set in the sky we made our way to the Boston Seaport District. Even though I knew we would get to watch the sunset, I knew the sky was going to light up with all the perfect colors just for them. So we continued to make our way around the water by the boats. 





These two make this look like a dream. I absolutely adore this photo.



As the sunset behind the Boston Skyline we decided to check out one of the newest and trendiest rooftop bars at the Envoy Hotel! The staff and servers were fantastic while the place was buzzing. 



 The rooftop view over the skyline was the perfect spot to stop for some signature cocktails.



 Perfect for a table for two.



Congratulations Amy and Matt! The two of you are so much fun.
I had so much fun working with the two of you and can’t wait until Autumn to capture your wedding!




 Also, a big Thank you to my favorite lighting assistant who carried and hauled all the stuff! Thank you Tink!