I absolutely love photographing couples in love. The only thing I love more is to watch these wonderful people grow in love and begin families of their own. Jessica and John had to be one of my favorite couples up for anything photographically in their Engagement Session, then a gorgeous CT Wedding, and now I get to share in their joy as they come full circle with a new home and a Baby on the way!

I was elated to hear their good news and we immediately set a date to capture her maternity memories. Then we were rained out and forced to reschedule. A week later we were graced with beautiful skies and leaves beginning to blossom at a nearby park. Jessica exudes a beautiful radiance! I’m so excited for her and John as they await the arrival of “Critter”!


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Jessica, you are one of the most elegant mother’s to be I have ever seen. I’m more than grateful to capture your memories as you begin the joys of motherhood. Congratulations to you and John!!!


  • Gorgeous photos!! I especially love the park photos. Stunning shots 🙂

  • Wow. My georgous niece. She is so beautiful and a stunning pregnant woman. My pregnant pics were of me sick all the time and make-up – ha. This is amazing. I can’t wait to see the baby website. That will be a master piece for sure. John, you look good too but you already knew that. Can’t wait. So exciting.

  • Absolutely beautiful!

  • These pictures are absolutely breath-taking! So excited for you guys.

  • I absolutely love the black & white on the bench.